How to Make & Install Floating Shelves in a Tiny House Rustic Kitchen, DIY Log Cabin, Macaroni by My Self Reliance   1 year ago


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I carve wood dowels and cut pine planks from free wood to make and install floating shelves in the tiny house kitchen at the log cabin, another off grid, rustic DIY project. Using hand tools, I whittle pegs from ash firewood logs and hammer them into holes I drilled in the log walls and pine planks using a brace and bit. The holes are 5/8" and 4 inches deep on both ends. The pine planks are 2" thick, which I used an Alaskan chainsaw mill to cut from red pine logs that I cut down at my friend's property last spring.
At the beginning of the video, my dog, Cali, and I hike across the beaver meadow and down the frozen stream to gather balsam fir logs that Joe and I cut last March. I bring a couple of bundles back to the cabin to use for trimming the windows and the benches in the cabin. The remaining logs will be used to make chairs for the fireside as well as for building materials for the workshop, sugar shack, root cellar or woodshed. My wife films us in the meadow using a Mavic Pro drone and I film the ground level scenes with my 6D, Mark II.
Using hand tools, including a rip saw, a crosscut saw, hammer, brace and bits, axes, drawknife, planes and bushcraft knife, I fashion bulky trim for around the east window.
I have three meals in this video. The first is a beef soup that I made in the last video, which I eat for lunch while working on the rustic kitchen shelves. The second meal is macaroni and cheese, made with shredded aged cheddar and parmesan cheese with butter, flour and cream. On the side, I have fresh sourdough garlic bread, toasted on the woodstove. For breakfast the following morning, I make frittata with smoked salmon and sourdough toast. The egg dish includes, sweet and hot peppers, cheese, smoked sockeye salmon and tomato.
At the end of the video, I talk about how much time I'm spending making things more aesthetic rather than only functional. I want to surround myself with beauty and nature rather than rigid, hard surfaces.

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