Building Off-Grid: Desolation Sound Modular Cabin by Westcoast Outbuildings   2 years ago


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Westcoast Outbuilding is a North Vancouver BC based builder of small modular buildings. This off-grid remote cabin installation was completed in August 2016.

The 690 sq/ft cabin featured in this video was construction in 3 modules in North Vancouver, transported by road to the Port of Vancouver, transferred to an ocean-going barge and delivered to a remote island in Desolation Sound.

The assembly crew faced very challenging conditions; steep and windy 70 year old logging roads, confined working area with forests on one side, rocks bluff on the back side and a steep drop of on the front. Toping it off there was no water or power onsite. This building location was totally off-grid.

Overcoming the challenges our crew assembled and competed this modern off-grid cabin in 7 days.