Arturia Drumbrute Impact Live Jam by LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER   9 months ago


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did a live improv jam on The new #arturia #drumbrute #impact. Arturia sent me it a few days ago and i haven't gone super deep into it, but it was easy to work out as there is a lot of function crossovers with the beatstep pro which i know well.

everything was set to 11, especially the built in distortion. The drumbrute impact is going in dry with no effects. so you can make your own minds up, im showcasing what i like about it.


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Thanks for all the support, as the above is how i keep this project afloat, as i don't think i'd be able to develop projects like the furby organ and gameboy mega machine otherwise so thanks! :D.

The audio and multitrack stems for you to mess with will be available on my patreon in the coming days!, theres probably some good drum loops/samples in there. Plus tonight is patreon livestream night!
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all in all its a pretty nice drum machine. I haven't played on the original drumbrute, so can't comment on a comparison! But this one is very playable. A couple of button things i'd have to get used to. But The built in distortion really makes it for me. it doesn't get quieter or louder when you turn it on in most instances. I was playing it for a good long while enjoying how the distortion was interacting with all the sounds and stuff.

I like the kick, and cymbal and hi hats the most. crunchy........ i even dig the way the metronome sounds, if you noticed i left it on for the whole thing. to add more of a crack on each beat. sometimes the snare gets lost in the distortion, but i didn't mind it, i thought it added to the dynamics.

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Always looking for old gear! to mod or conserve in the "museum of everything else" one day :P

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