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Here are 20 hidden stories that the MCU don't want you to know!
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There's no stopping Marvel's box office dominance, with each new hero, star, character, or super team adding to the universe's legacy - and behind the scenes, adding even more unbelievable stories and coincidences. But for all its success and seemingly - perfect planning, the MCU has just as many weird, or hard to believe secrets that the studio would rather fans not spend time thinking about. Here are 20 Secrets the MCU Doesn't Want You To Know.

Script by: Andrew Dyce @andrewbdyce

Voice Over by: Ryan George http://twitter.com/theryangeorge

Wolverine’s Cameo | 0:29
Casting Iron Man | 0:50
JARVIS | 1:08
Sam Rockwell’s Role | 1:28
Daredevil’s Powers | 1:46
Hulk’s Origin Story | 2:07
Iron Man’s Price Tag | 2:33
Robert Banner? | 2:51
Casting The God Of Thunder | 3:10
Odin’s Secret | 3:33
Human Torch Costume | 3:54
The Hulk Re-Casting | 4:17
Post-Credit Secrets | 4:39
Department H | 5:00
Re-using Locations | 5:22
Sebastian The Sidekick | 5:42
Iron Man’s Suit | 6:00
Laura Haddock | 6:20
Guardians On A Budget | 6:40
Casting Cap | 6:59

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