BEST WINNERS from all around the world in The Voice Kids [PART 5] by The Voice Global   11 months ago


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These amazing and talented kids of ‘The Voice Kids’ made the coaches turn, won the Battle, and received the most votes from the audience. Check out this compilation of some of the best Voice Kids winners from around the world!

1. Denis B. sings 'Warrior' (The Voice Kids Albania):

2. Melani sings ‘O Mio Bambbino Caro’ (La Voz Kids / The Voice Kids Spain):

3. Рутгер Гарехт sings 'Я милого узнаю по походке' (The Voice Kids Russia):

4. Juanse Laverde sings 'Cómo Mirarte' (La Voz Kids Colombia):

5. Roksana Węgiel sings ‘Halo' (The Voice Kids Poland):

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