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Do not f*ck with Julius Caesar.

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Model of the battle of Alesia
Leemage / Contributor/Getty Images
Platoon of Soldiers formed into a testudo (tortoise), used as protection, head and shoulders covered with their shields allowing safer advance
Dorling Kindersley/Getty Images
Ladder Leaning on Wall
CSA Images/Getty Images
Halloween blood eyeball
lekkyjustdoit/Getty Images
80s Retro Futurism style Font. Vector Brush Stroke Alphabet
PerfectVectors/Getty Images
Shiny Chrome Alphabet in 80s Retro Futurism style
PerfectVectors/Getty Images
Breakdancer Silhouettes
filo/Getty Images
Ryan McVay/Getty Images
Set of various paint splatters
itchySan/Getty Images
Monster attack
CSA Images/Mod Art Collection/Getty Images
Moses leading the exodus of Israelites from Egypt
whitemay/Getty Images
Siege of a fortified city in the past, published 1886
ZU_09/Getty Images
Temple construction on the Aventine in Ancient Rome
Nastasic/Getty Images
Towers and walls of Carrarese Castle, Este, Veneto, Italy
Dea / Galleria Garisenda/Getty Images
Panoramic view of Castle of Lucera, Apulia, Italy
Dea / Galleria Garisenda/Getty Images
Jacques Marie Gaston Onfray de Breville, known as JOB (1858-1931)
Christophel Fine Art / Contributor/Getty Images
Defensive Walls of Greece and Rome Engraving
bauhaus1000/Getty Images
Defensive Gates and Walls of Ancient Times Engraving
bauhaus1000/Getty Images
Bohemond alone mounts the ramparts of Antioch
duncan1890/Getty Images
Roman soldier, Aequian soldier, Gauls soldier, Samnite soldier, drawing, Italy, 7th-4th century BC
De Agostini Picture Library/Getty Images
Ancient Rome - Slave Revolt at Enna
duncan1890/Getty Images
The conquest of Gaul by the Romans.
Corbis Historical/Getty Images
Julius Caesar receiving tribute
whitemay/Getty Images
Vercingetorix imprisoned in the Tullianum in Rome, c52-46 BC (1882-1884).
Hulton Archive/Getty Images
Vercingetorix. Vercingetorix c. 72-46 BC leader of the Gauls. Chromolithography 19th century
Leemage/Getty Images
Vercingetorix. Portrait of Vercingetorix 72-46 BC, Leader of Gauls. Chromolithography ca. 1890.
Leemage/Getty Images
Vercingetorix (72-46 avJC) gallic leader, surrending to roman emperor Cesar in Alesia (France), illustration by Job, 1930
Hulton Archive/Getty Images
Ancient History - Alexander and the body of Darius.
duncan1890/Getty Images
Spartan warrior
4x6/Getty Images
Map of Galia 1818
THEPALMER/Getty Images
Antique Map of Gaul
duncan1890/Getty Images
View of Kalat, Pakistan, Second Anglo-Afghan War, illustration from magazine the Graphic, volume XVIII, no 472, December 14, 1878
De Agostini / Biblioteca Ambrosiana/Getty Images
lake with birds
grkatz/Getty Images
Mont Auxois and the statue of Vercingetorix, France, 1879.
Print Collector / Contributor/Getty Images
Horsemen Silhouettes (vector)
KateLeigh/Getty Images
Viking tattoo, bearded barbarian of Scandinavia, crossed swords, god Odin. Symbol of force, courage. Scandinavian mythology, viking art print t-shirt design
intueri/Getty Images
Gauls, 1882
Heritage Images / Contributor/Getty Images
Battle of the Teutoburg Forest, 9 AD, lithograph, published 1890
ZU_09/Getty Images
Julius Caesar laying siege to Alesia, Gaul, 52 BC (1882-1884).
Print Collector / Contributor/Getty Images
Equestrian portrait of Julius Caesar (101 BC-44 BC), Roman general, consul, politician and writer, from drawing by Henri de Montaut (ca 1825-1890 or 1897), Il Giornale Illustrato, Year 2, No 14, April 8-14, 1865
De Agostini / Veneranda Biblioteca Ambr

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