Sarah 'Huckabee' Sanders leaves reporter SPEECHLESS when answering on Trump's Bizarre Comments by CasonVids   3 months ago


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White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders held a Press Briefing today 2/6/2018 were she answer questions from CNN reporters and others on Trump calling Democrats Treasonous an "Unamerican" for not Clapping or Standing during his State of the Union Address, also on this press briefing Sarah Sanders was asked about John Kelly comments about dreamers being to lazy to sign up for DACA, she was also asked about Trump saying he would love to see a Government Shutdown and if he is gonna release the Democratic Memo 2/6/2018 new video

sarah sanders White House press briefing on trump's government shutdown & john kelly lazy dreamers comments this is the lastest from trump's administration other current events happening now also are Adam Schiff getting a phone call prank & joe biden saying trump is a joke other top stories today are jeff flake telling trump that Treason is not a punchline and Don Lemon's emotional message these are the latest breaking news today february 6, 2018 this was seen on CNN News Live Stream by NATITASKA

on this briefing sarah sanders told cnn reporter jim acosta that President Trump is a CHAMPION at trying to find a DACA Solution she also told cbs reporter "I Don't Care What Jeff Flake Says" Over Trump Treason Remarks al watch on Fox News Live by MrD