Rattlesnake comes when Called (please read the description!) by TexasReptileZoo   2 years ago


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Ruddy, our Western Diamond Back Rattlesnake comes to us like a cat or dog. Snakes do not have external ears and some research indicates snakes may pick up 200-300 Hz frequencies thru a vibrating bone on their skull but humans will vocalize their admiration whether heard or not ie. we are still going to call Ruddy his name and admire him as we can't help it. (see below articles regarding snakes inner ear sound detection mechanisms) Admiration and Respect for Wildlife. Enjoy.
Do not attempt to do anything you see in this video.
All the reptiles that live at the Zoo have names. Each one is treated special and because of that, there are special bonds formed. Our rattlesnakes are no exception.
The TRZ uses tools to handle all our venomous species. The closer your hand is to a venomous snake, the close you are to getting bit. Some keepers around the World have special bonds with animals like lions and tigers and other animals capable of damage to humans and and those relationships are specific to those specific animals.
Do not expect anything like what you see in this video in the wild or another snake.
Do not try this at home and keep your distance from snakes.

Side note: To elaborate on the behavior with captive snakes and some of the "coming for food comments" is that you want a different response from the snake when not feeding versus feeding. Also, these rattlesnakes can be shy in front of other humans in their presence showing behavior similar to a scared house cat.

Do not try this or attempt to engage any snake. Walk away from snakes and stay safe.

A lot of comments that snakes are deaf, we are going to defer to to these articles to explain a few things about how, Snakes "hear".

"Calling" a wild snake in this video, https://youtu.be/7R1wsGmgV3s

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