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Boost your brain's speed with a huge portion of IQ riddles! Turn on your imagination, activate your brain and stay focused to solve all the riddles on time. Some of these riddles are really hard, so just pause the video if you feel like you need more time to think about the answer ( I won't tell anyone ;) )

00:14 - Who is lying? Can you find the killer? It's a logic riddle on crime to test your analytical skills and intelligence! Try to find the answer before the time is up!
01:52 - An awesome survival riddle that will test your logical thinking! There is only one right answer and you need to choose it. Can you answer right without thinking for too long?
03:31 - A portion of visual puzzles to improve your attentiveness and vision! Can you find a zombie here?
05:31 - A short brain workout to gently wake you up in the morning and give a great start to your day! This tricky logic riddle will make you think outside the box and use 200% of your imagination and logic. How quickly did you crack this riddle?
06:47 - A tricky riddle on crime that will blow your mind away! This one will challenge your logic and attentiveness and check if you're ready to become a detective. If not, you will be surprised a lot with how simple the answer is!
07:54 - A fun picture puzzle for the smartest solvers! Will you be eaten by an undead you accidentally missed? I hope you won't! Strain your eyes to spot all of them and good luck💀
09:33 - Two tricky math riddles to tease your brain and boost your logical thinking. You will have to think quickly to do it on time because the riddles are quite tough I must say. I failed the second one; actually, I don't know anyone who could crack this before the time is over. Maybe you will be the first one😜
11:25 - A hard riddle where you will have to make your choice and decide who will survive and who goes down. How would you decide this? Will you save the weakest one, or the youngest one, or the closest person to you? What will you do? Tell me in the comments!
12:34 - Take a look at these people and guess who isn't alive! Share your answers in the comments below!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answers to the last quiz!

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