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Does the spirit box scare off older ghosts?

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Airplane flying above multiple lane highway
Werner Amann/Getty Images
Set of grey stones stalactites
Daria_Andrianova/Getty Images
Historic electric machines, wood engravings, published in 1897
ZU_09/Getty Images
Concrete Room
Aaron Foster/Getty Images
M. Angelo/Corbis/VC/Getty Images
Prisoner inside cell
Piotr Powietrzynski/Getty Images
Gariep Dam Hydro-electric power station control panels and top of the turbine. Gariep, Free State Province, South Africa
Gallo Images - Neil Overy/Getty Images
Gariep Dam Hydro-electric power station central control panel, Gariep, Free State Province, South Africa
Gallo Images - Neil Overy/Getty Images
Red rug
Andy Crawford/Getty Images
Heap of peaches
Kristin Lee/Tetra Images/Getty Images
Bar counter with drinks
Ilyabolotov/Getty Images
Scary eyes
NevenaB/Getty Images
the villains in capes
PavelAV/Getty Images
Funny cartoon comic faces on white background
lilu330/Getty Images
Male and female eyes eyebrows vector elements
MicrovOne/Getty Images
kawaii faces eyes icon
Giuseppe Ramos/Getty Images
larryrains/Getty Images
kowalska-art/Getty Images
vector men head character
kowalska-art/Getty Images
Hats Set Fashion for Men. Vector
befehr/Getty Images
Retro Silver Robot Set
Tomacco/Getty Images
Professor with a lot of glasses
Andy_Zee/Getty Images
French fries, chicken leg and popcorn
seamartini/Getty Images
Generic Soup Can
/Getty Images
Teenage feet in morgue with copy space
Peter Dazeley/Getty Images

Falling Confetti on a Green and Black Backgrounds
lexaarts/Getty Images

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