100% DIY Build Subwoofer Passive Crossover Low Pass Filter by Charcoal Monkey   2 years ago


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Finally done doing this project I started a few months ago for the passive subwoofer I made late last year. I choose the Butterworth type filter because it only involves a few winds of magnet wire and opted to insert a 17mm plain round metal rod in order to boost up the inductance by 60%. It is near impossible to build subwoofer crossovers with air-core inductors. Yeah, trust me, real crazy.

Here are the summary of the components being built:

- Iron core inductor coil = 7.0mH, 17mm iron core round rod.
- 2nd Order / 12dB per octave / Butterworth Filter Scheme
- Capacitors = 69.5uF total each crossover, 50V non-polar
- Target low-pass filter frequency cut-off = 235Hz
- Subwoofer driver nominal impedance = 7.4 Ohms each voice coil.

I am so happy how the project turned out. Next time I'll build low-pass filters that filter in very low frequencies like 150Hz and below!

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