Dressing for Extreme Cold Winter Weather at the Off Grid Cabin by My Self Reliance   1 year ago


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With the extreme cold winter temperatures all across the east and north of America and Canada right now, dressing properly and using the right gear is essential. Starting off with drone footage of the cabin covered in snow, this video shows the cold weather clothing I wear to survive a frigid winter in the north, including complete clothing systems from my head down to my feet.
For hats, I recommend layering a headband, hat liner and wool toque, or a pilots fur winter hat. On my head, I wear Tilley, Cabelas or MEC.
On my upper body, I wear Icebreaker base layer top, followed by a wool Fjallraven Canada shirt, an Arcteryx Goretex rainjacket, a heavier wool sweater, an Eddie Bauer down puffy jacket or Basspro Outdoor World guidewear rain jacket.
On my legs, I'm wearing Icebreaker 200g Merino wool long underwear covered by Fjallraven Vidda Pro black pants.
On my feet, I'm wearing a base layer synthetic sock with a Smartwool wool sock over top.
My warmest boots for the coldest weather, down to -70 degrees, are Baffin Control Max (http://www.baffin.com/product-p/epicm004.htm)
The boots that I wear when I'm active, such as when snowshoeing in the deep snow of central Ontario, I wear Cabelas Light Hunter boots, an 8" high leather boot that it is great for three season trekking.
On my hands, I wear Under Armour base layer gloves with snowmobile mittens over top. Using a glove liner like these allows me to operate my camera in cold temperatures by quickly removing my mitt, operating the camera or other equipment, and slipping it back on.
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