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We travelled to one of the most haunted locations in Savannah, Georgia

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Pencil hatching textures.
Sonya_illustration/Getty Images
Bigfoot the humanoid beast
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Butterfly silhouette set
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Old Bisbee AZ-Historic 1905 Building
Moelyn Photos/Getty Images
Alien creature in fog
gremlin/Getty Images
USA - Ohio - : Ohio State Reformatory, prison located in Mansfield, Ohio garden front - Published by: 'Berliner Illustrirte Zeitung' 7/1911Vintage property of ullstein bild
ullstein bild Dtl. / Contributor/Getty Images
Treeline Header
A-Digit/Getty Images
Conifer tree
mashuk/Getty Images
Floor full of leaves
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Discussion of two men in pub with beer - 1896
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White brick wall texture background
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Zika virus warning symbol
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Victorian youths arguing at the dinner table - 1881 illustration
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Number One Trucker
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Detailed People Talking
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Two pints of beer
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Close-Up Portrait Of Man Against Black Background
Niril Cardoza / EyeEm/Getty Images
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Hidden man in hooded top
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Fold Out Chair Silhouettes
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Highly Detailed Business People Silhouettes
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White Staircase Vector. 3D Realistic Illustration. Front View Of Clean White Empty Staircase Vector. Success Progress Concept. Isolated
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People in 19th century style dress
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Busy evening bar
AdrianHillman/Getty Images
Restaurant Icons
ET-ARTWORKS/Getty Images
Household Furniture Collection
A-Digit/Getty Images
Victorian Young Couple Vintage Photograph
duncan1890/Getty Images
Group of brawling 19th century American men at a meeting
whitemay/Getty Images
Bloodstain Set
zizar2002/Getty Images
Territory of United States of America with contour
Smart/Getty Images
Caucasian man sitting poolside
Kevin Dodge/Getty Images
Empty room, 3D render
Boys rough housing
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Children silhouettes
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Dark, spooky, empty office or basement room
Boy (10-11) standing with hands on hips, portrait, close-up
Tom Chance/Getty Images
Interior of a Abandoned corridor
Kaicheng Xu,landscape and architecture photographer/Getty Images
Vintage old hammer with rusty nails on wood table background
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Fun men and women jumping in the air
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Wood table on blur cafe (bar) with light background
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Old vintage tools on wooden background. Knolling style shot.
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Stack of wooden bars
eranicle/Getty Images
Heap of black coal
mediaphotos/Getty Images
Danger - Yellow fever outbreak
Gwengoat/Getty Images
Union hospital train during the American Civil War, published 1865
ZU_09/Getty Images
Nurse caring for a soldier, 1870, The Illustrated London News
retroimages/Getty Images
Nurses and patients in a late 19th century military hospital
whitemay/Getty Images
walkway in abandoned building with scary woman inside
waewkid/Getty Images
brown wood old door
Tatomm/Getty Images
Businessmen hanging on a noose
4x6/Getty Images
Victorian pub meal and tankard of ale
duncan1890/Getty Images
Tap Room Brawl
duncan1890/Getty Images
Dark brown wooden background with high resolution. Copy space
Anna Pustynnikovaa/Getty Images
Vintage Pistols and Revolvers
duncan1890/Getty Images
chepatchet/Getty Images
Old photo
marlenka/Getty Images
duncan1890/Getty Images
Antique recipes book engraving illustration: Dinner table
ilbusca/Getty Images
Politicians in the White House, America, 1840s
duncan1890/Getty Images
Portrait of messenger with crates and bag Images
Nineteenth century signwriter working on a shop front
whitemay/Getty Images