On The Spot: Ep. 138 - The One With 5 Jons | Rooster Teeth by Rooster Teeth   10 months ago


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Prepare for the strangest Father’s Day show ever. Jon, Jon, Jon and Jon drive Jon to the edge in a On The Spot first. Sponsored by SimpliSafe (http://bit.ly/2JuJ6IC) MVMT (http://bit.ly/2zPGRIp) and Quip (http://bit.ly/2ErPbzQ) Hosted by Jon Risinger. Featuring Barbara Dunkelman, Chris Demarais, Josh Flanagan, and Max Kruemke.

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About On The Spot:
Rooster Teeth's official game show! A live half hour of fast-paced laughs as host Jon Risinger puts two RT teams on the spot for points and mayhem.

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