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Only the smartest will be able to answers these 15 short riddles! It's a good chance to test your logical skills and overall IQ! Try to concentrate while solving these tricky brain games cause discipline helps deal with tasks faster. So use all your brain power and logic to crack these tricky riddles, and you will come up with the right answers very fast!

00:14 - Boost your logic and intelligence with this tricky logic riddle! Try to solve it before the time is up!
01:10 - It's a difficult riddle that will test your survival skills and the ability to think outside the box ;)
03:20 - An intriguing set of visual puzzles with answers to tease your brain! Some of the tasks are pretty obvious (just to warm up your brain), but the others will make you sweat😁So you'll have to think outside the box to crack the last puzzles, get ready!
04:57 - A tricky visual puzzle for technical minds! This one will require 200% of your logic to find the answer to this riddle. So, how long did it take you to solve?
05:43 - A portion of daily life situations to think about. Who do you think is more stupid and why? Share your thoughts in the comments!
06:56 - Think twice before watching this video! Are you sure you wanna know it? Ok, at least I tried. When our partners want to keep something in secret, they take every possible precautionary measure, but the truth will out, sooner or later😈 And your brilliant logic and sharp mind will only speed the things up! I just want to remind you that trust is the core thing of any relationship, but you already know this, right? An intriguing set of puzzles with answers to test your attentiveness and sense of humor 😜
08:35 - Who's more stupid? A set of situations to analyze... Try to answer before the time is up and write your answer to the last one in the comments!
09:47 - Let's check how well you remember the basic safety rules! No doubt both of them are acting foolish, but can you find out who has no chances to survive? It's quite obvious, just use your logic and imagination😉
10:32 - A set of hard math problems that only the smartest ones can solve! No matter how good at math you were at school, here you have a chance to shine if you can find the pattern. The only thing you need is your sharp logic and common sense. Just remember this has nothing to do with powers, and roots, and logarithms, only your common sense matters!
11:32 - A tricky picture puzzle that will be pretty easy for any sensible person (let's see who's the sanest here). Do you agree with my answer? My best friend says the third girl is less smart. What do you think?

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which of these tricky puzzles blew your mind!

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