10 Most Dangerous Families In The World by TheRichest   2 years ago


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Familial relationships can get complicated at times. When things get rough with your own clan, you may look to famous families throughout history, like the Kennedys, the Royal Family, or even the Kardashians. However, we have found ten families that you definitely do not want to have any part of, at least if you value your life. Whether they’re related by genetics or marriage, all of these families are forever bound together by blood. Roman Podkopaev, his wife, Inessa Tarverdiyeva and their two daughters looked like a standard middle class family, until their crime spree finally came to an end, earning them the nickname “Family of Monsters.” If you’re a fan of Ma Fratelli from The Goonies, we will tell you the true story of Ma Baker, the matriarch of the dangerous Barker-Karpis Gang who terrorized the streets during the Depression Era. Despite their viciousness, the Barker-Karpis Gang was a small fish compared to the Genovese Family, who is considered the largest of the big five criminal syndicates. The crime spree of the Briley Brothers only lasted about seven months, but these three brothers blazed a trail of horror that the citizens of Richmond, Virginia will never forget. You have probably heart of Charles Manson, but do you know about Dan and Ron Laherty? After being incarcerated for their horrible crimes, Dan’s power of influence continued even from behind bars.

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