Black Panther Oscars - SHOULD IT WIN? by New Rockstars   3 months ago


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For the first time ever the Oscars are considering a superhero movie for best picture! Black Panther was one of the most highly regarded Marvel films ever, but is a Black Panther Oscar unfair? The Oscars haven’t ever cared about Marvel movies before, so is Black Panther getting special treatment? Or is Black Panther the first Marvel movie that actually deserves to be in the best picture Oscar race? Let’s remember, the Academy Awards did not nominate Avengers Infinity War, and before that, famously The Dark Knight was not nominated for best picture despite being the best movie out that year. What do you think? Is the Academy being too generous or does Black Panther deserve to win?

On this episode of the #debrief, Erik Voss, Filup Molina, and Sam Bashor weigh in on this issue, plus share some new findings from the latest Captain Marvel trailer clip, geek out over the new Jordan Peele Twilight Zone series, mourn the death of Jessica Jones and Punisher, and every other big nerd story you might have missed this week.

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