MIGOS | Before They Were Famous |ORIGINAL by Michael McCrudden   3 years ago


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MIGOS | Before They Were Famous |ORIGINAL
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Before Dropping Hit’s Like Versace, Fight Night and One Time.
Before they had mad major beef with Chief Keef sparked over an alleged sneak diss in their track ‘Brokanese’.
Before there was the Drive By Shooting in Miami where they returned fire in 2014.
Before the three were all arrested at Georgia Southern University and Offset was locked away in prison.

Members Quavo, Offset and Takeoff who are related - came together in 2009 initially under the name Polo Club. The Atlanta Trio developed a buzz by hitting clubs in their city every week and buying the DJ a drink to play their music. It was Drake who took a liking to their track Versace and remixed it, launching these three to the worldwide stage.

Quavo born Quavious Marshall, was born in 1991, Takeoff born Kirshnik Ball in 1995 and Offset born Kiari Cephus, born in 1992. Quavo being Takeoff's uncle and Offset being Quavo's cousin.

When Quavo was four his father passed, while Takeoff and Offset’s dads abandoned them early, leaving Quavo’s mother a hair stylist the one who would take care for all three under one roof and were taught some religious beliefs they still follow.

The three grew up in the, suburb of Lawrenceville Georgia – where they still have a house they refer to as ‘da bando’.

All three grew up obsessed with Hot Boy$ and OutKast. They have since ushered in new comparisons with Takeoff being compared to Soulja Boy, Quavo to Gucci Mane, and Offset to Future.

My name is Michael McCrudden documenting the life of Migos – prior to fame, here for you on Before They Were Famous.

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