BrainScratch: Madeleine McCann, abduction or murder? by LordanARTS   4 years ago


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48 Hours (one year after)

CrimeWatch McCann Special (October 2013)

CrimeWatch Update (March 2014)

Theory about the open windows by CyanEyed77

Dr. Ludke Interview on suspecting the parents

"Both Sides of the Story" by HiDeHo4

Liespotting Analysis

Maddie: The Truth of the Lie (documentary based on Goncalo Amaral's book)

How the Press Mishandled Reporting on Maddie (Nov. 2014)

Wikipedia "Disapprearance of Madeleine McCann"

McCann's win libel damages (April 2015)

Burglaries may be related (May 2015)

Madeleine's Mum Charity Bike Ride (June 2015)

"Trolls" paying for Amaral Appeal

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