The REAL Reason Farrakhan Eliminated Dr Khalid Muhammad by Kalyd Dessalines   8 months ago


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"Farrakhan Wrote A Letter To A Judge 'CONDEMNING' Khalid Muhammad!"

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The REAL Reason Farrakhan Eliminated Dr. Khalid Muhammad.
As Khalid Muhammad demonstrated his ability to electrify the black youth and concerns from the white powers brought increased heat upon Farrakhan's Nation of Islam, the decision was made that the Nation of Islam would oust Dr. Khalid Muhammad and gradually soften its traditional stance on whites.
Dr. Khalid Muhammad, sincere, unapologetic and a true believer in the enemy-relationship between blacks and the Devil (and all of the aggression that such a relationship implied) was caught off guard by Farrakhan's capitulation and was suddenly removed from the Nation of Islam.
With Dr. Khalid removed from the NOI, the Nation could safely maneuver its membership towards the Church of Scientology without fear that a fiery personality like Khalid would inherit the Nation upon Farrakhan's eventual death.
Without the ostensible protection of the NOI's militant guard, the enemies of black people were able to assasinate Dr. Khalid Muhammad while simultaneously keeping appearances that the Nation of Islam was still a strong organization for militant blacks to join.
The Nation of Islam had run its course of keeping the militant blacks safely contained during the most revolutionary times of the 20th century. And a plan had to be enacted for its fire to be safely dimmed out. The powers that be could not afford for a serious personality like Dr. Khalid Muhammad to be next in line to lead such a precarious powder keg like the Nation of Islam. Malcolm X had come too close to that reality, and Dr. Khalid was an even stronger personality than Malcolm. The Nation could only be allowed to have a leadership willing to speak all the right rhetoric, but to never press the button. Dr. Khalid Muhammad had proven himself to be far too sincere for that.
The real reason Farrakhan eliminated Dr. Khalid Muhammad was because the Nation of Islam required a personaliy-pimp, and it was clear that Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad would have never gone along with it.

Long Live the Spirit of Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad!