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Here's a list of Top 10 Largest Pizzas Ever Made. World Guinness records always do it big, even when it comes to pizza! So join us as we count down the top 10 biggest pizzas ever made.
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Some pizzas are not meant to be ordered. They’re more of a publicity stunt than a menu item for diners to choose. After the proverbial dust has settled and the world record has been broken, everybody is invited to dig in and devour the pizza. But the point is, it’s a one time off endeavor and the chefs’ mission is to impress with the size and wow the audience with their prowess. So here are the pizzas that did just that. The top 10 largest pizzas ever made.

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0:27 Napoletani Pizza
2:18 Mega Slice
3:31 The Pizza Machine
4:43 The Downunder Colossus
6:03 Lorenzo Ristorante Pizza
7:21 Mama and Papa
8:33 Breaking Records in California
9:50 The Texan Bus
11:00 Norwood Pizza
12:27 Ottavia Pizza

- When you can’t put the issue of which Italian city makes the best pizza to rest, sometimes the chefs try to hammer their point home in a different way. Like, say, creating the longest pizza ever made. Which is what Napoli tried a few years back. In 2016, 250 chefs took this challenge.
- Some large pizzas can be found in small diners whose only goal is to please customers and offer them something the giant pizza chains can’t do. Pizza Barn in New York is one good example.
- Tennessee has a place on our list. In 2016 The Pizza Machine decided to weigh in on this super-size pizza that was taking the world by a storm. And while the chefs weren’t going for mile-long pizzas, their ambition was so great, that what they ended up creating needed a crane to deliver it to the diners’ table.
- The restaurant is Il Colosseo and the place is Sydney, Australia. Inspired by their name, the chefs decided to show the whole world what happens when Australia means business. The fruit of their labor was a whopping 408 square feet of delicious pizza.
- And long before super pizzas were a thing, he wanted to go down in history as the maker of the largest pizza ever made. Now we have to give the guy credit for wanting to immortalize Florida the only way he could. So Amato started his ambitious endeavor and made a pizza that measured about 73 feet in diameter.
- In California, a family pizzeria decided to surprise the customers not with their secret recipe, but with their huge pizza. They called it the Giant Sicilian, and it’s large enough to feed around 70 people. It measures 54 inches and comes in a square shape.
- Remember the Italian rivalry that gifted us with a mile-long pizza? Well, other countries took notice and decided to give this challenge a try. In 2017, California organized their own pizza event, and their goal was to break the record for the longest pizza ever made.
- When the world starts talking about size, Texas gets interested. And inevitably Texas will become involved in one way or another just to teach all those folks what the word “big” really means. The Texan Bus is the name of the pizza which shattered the records for the largest commercially available pizza.
- To put Africa on the food map for pizza reasons, some chefs at Norwood Pick n’ Pay Hypermarket in Johannesburg went to work on breaking the world record.
- Even if it meant a pizza war the likes of which the world had never witnessed. Three chefs and their assistants took up the challenge for the glory of Rome. Their pie, when baked and ready to eat, measured 131 feet in diameter. Of course, a pizza this size needs an oven even bigger to bake it.

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