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How many analog oscillaors is too many? i tried to work that out, but instead just made an extremely intense sounding box. dont forget to subscribe for weekly vids!

If your in london! you can play on the at the old truman brewery from 2nd to the 5th of november! info here

This would not have been possible without the supporters on patreon! thanks!

This was a pretty big undertaking, i lost my will to live at the start of the week the amount of soldering required nearly defeated me, but luckily obsessive persistance did the trick! it looks quite daunting but actually in concept its really simple, its literally just the same circuit over and over and over and ov......... the next job is to add an add on module which controls the overall pitch so you can use it as a massive bass line generator of a robot atmosphere in a movie sound track! you will see me in the video reaching around the back of the box to change the notes! all im doing is flicking the voltage switch on the power brick! haha.

more info on the circuit and other info will be coming on my patreon within the next week if you really want to build one! or even a 10 oscillator synth with a filter and all that stuff.

link to a video of an early design of the oscillator i used is right here :-

check out for more up to date day to day things my social stuff! if you wanna know more, including shorter videos and pictures.
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Always looking for old gear! to mod or conserve in the "museum of everything else" one day :P

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