Star Wars Theory: Rey Could Still Actually Be A Skywalker by Screen Rant   4 weeks ago


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One of the biggest questions that fans had while leaving JJ Abram’s 2015 relaunch of Star Wars was just who are Rey’s parents? The Force Awakens seemed to hype up a grand legacy for Rey and fans got crazy with the theories. Was she a Skywalker by blood? An heir to Palpatine? A descendant of Kenobi himself? The possibilities were endless. Then, The Last Jedi came around and Rian Johnson pulled the rug from under us. Rey’s parents were nobodies who solder her for drinking money on the wasteland planet Jakku. This was a bit of a blow to the fans, who felt her legacy was too heavily teased at by JJ. But what if there’s a way for Rey to still be a Skywalker without retconning anything that Rian Johnson established in Episode VIII? It may be a wild shot, but the Star Wars canon has already established that the name Skywalker isn’t limited to Luke and Anakin. In fact, it’s not limited to being a surname either. Thrawn met Anakin during the events of the Clone Wars and informed him that to his people, the Skywalkers were a particular kind of people. Rebels also teased that the term Skywalker could be seen as something of a title. And that’s the keyword. Could the name Skywalker become a title, not unlike how Roman Emperors of old would call themselves Caesar? Could Rey take on the name Skywalker to become a new symbol of hope and inspire the Resistance across the galaxy?

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