9 Fast Food Hacks You Never Knew About! by Tempt   5 months ago


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Fast food hacks that will save you money! In this video, you’ll find out all of the Chipotle and Mcdonald’s fast food hacks that will help you save money plus all the other restaurant hacks you need to know!

5. Customize Your Smoothie

For hot sunny days when the weather is making you sweat, a smoothie is an excellent way to cool off. Jamba Juice has a variety of smoothies along with different fruits, vegetables, shots, and proteins to put in them. If you like pineapple without the coconut flavor added in on a smoothie, you can request it without it or substitute it free of charge! Many customers are afraid of asking because some places have a no substitution policies and it might cost extra. However, Jamba Juice has a rule that employees may substitute any ingredient if a customer requests it. So, if you want nonfat frozen yogurt or a Mango smoothie without the orange juice, then just ask for it!

4. McCheese Please!

Don’t like eating at McDonald’s, but you know it’s a quick food fix and cheaper than eating out at an actual restaurant? If you’re in the mood for anything deep fried or oily, you can’t still order a filling sandwich instead of a boring salad. Next time you’re at Mickey D’s, ask for a grilled cheese. It might surprise you, because even though it’s not on the menu, the staff will be willing to make it. All they have to do is take two buns until they’re nice and toasted and melt some cheese on top of them. It’s much easier than making a regular burger, and it’s a good option for even the pickiest eaters. And if you don’t like cheese, then you’re on your own.

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