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10 luxurious jewelry that rappers are showcasing around their necks. You won't believe how much some of these bling cost!!
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Rappers who make it in the music industry are raking in the big bucks. With the kind of money that they make, they're able to buy luxury mansions and fancy cars. But another thing that they seem to all like to spend their money on is chains. Nothing shows off a person’s wealth better than an outrageously expensive chain. This piece of jewelry can even be customized to fit the style and taste of the rapper. They can add jewels, charms, pendants, and more to their chains. And as you'll soon see in this video, the bigger the chain, the better. Did you know that Drake had an owl pendant piece created as a tribute to his OVO label? Or that P Diddy once threw a $500,000 chain into the audience during one of his performances? We bet that you won't even believe us when we tell you which rapper spent one million dollars on their fancy chain.

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