ULTIMATE 4X4 SPRINTER VAN CONVERSION by Tiny House Listings   2 years ago


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In short, Kristen is a bad-ass. And so is her van. She game up her regular 9-5 life and swapped it with a mobile life on the road. Her "Bearfoot Theory" van is a 144 inch wheelbase Mercedes Sprinter that's 4x4 which means getting off the beaten path with a lot more ease. It's fully off-grid with panels on the roof, running water, etc. I love this setup so much. She's has carved out a pretty darn-good life for herself if I say so myself. Most likely you will too. Check the link below to checkout her website with ALOT of good info. for folks thinking about taking a similar plunge into van life.

Kristen's website: https://bearfoottheory.com/category/van-life

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